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  • GelaShield iPhone 14 Screen Protector
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by GelaSkins

GelaShield iPhone Screen Protector (1 pack)

One Shatterproof Tempered Glass Display Protector 


  • Why buy something you can’t even see?

    We'll answer your question with a question(s)...

    1. Do you love the look of broken screens and flickering purple and green pixels? No, of course you don’t. This isn’t a pop punk music video from early two-thou.

    2. How about the feeling of glass shards sliding into you delicate finger parts?

    If you answered No to both, the aptly-named GelaShield is for you. Easy to apply. Most bubbles will disappear over the first 48hrs as the silicone adhesive on the back absorbs the dust you didn’t bother to wipe away.

    Get peace of mind not pieces of screen.


Easy To Use