GelaSkins Wallpaper Pack Giveaway

Happy holidays! Here's a gift from us to you: a collection of wallpapers from some of our favourite artists here at GelaSkins. Click on the images below to download them!


Light of the Wintertide by Andy Kehoe
Light of the Wintertide by Andy Kehoe

Wistful by ThoughtCloud 
Wistful by ThoughtCloud

Llanowar Reborn by Philip Straub
Llanowar Reborn by Philip Straub

Echoes in the Wind by Brian Viveros     

Echoes in the Wind by Brian Viveros

Rainbow by Bianca Rosen
Rainbow by Bianca Rosen

Supernova II
Supernova II by Tara McPherson


Click or tap the images above and save them to your phone. Scroll on for instructions on setting wallpapers for iPhone users. Did you know you can set your phone to shuffle through several images? Pretty cool. Read on for the How-To.

Pro tip: Photo Shuffle

iPhone Users

  1. Make sure your phone is up-to-date (iOS 16)
  2. Settings > Wallpaper
  3. Add New Wallpaper
  4. Select Emoji. Just kidding, that's dumb.
  5. Select Photo Shuffle and then choose those two beautiful new images from Ninola and you're all set.

Android users can set rotating wallpapers using Google Photos 5.22 or newer using the "Memories" section.