Our Artist Community

Our Artist Community

At GelaSkins, we have the pleasure of working with artists from everywhere, working with different mediums, personalities, and histories. Our trademark “See You” extends to them. More than hitting up emails and asking for files for our website if we promise to pay royalties, we have always wanted our foundation to go much deeper than that. Every time we launch new work, all the pages and pages of Artist collections, each newsletter, all the promotions on social media — it’s all approached with effort, care and consideration for the really cool people we’ve come to know and feel lucky to work with.   

Whenever we launch new collections, we take our time; selecting pieces we think people will like, editing files for printing, creating visuals for artists and ourselves to post about. It matters to us that each member of our community feels taken care of, our artists, our staff, and our customers. That’s why we make sure artists are paid fairly at a 20% royalty every single time one of their pieces is ordered. Many of them also receive and extra 20% commission for any sales they make through their own promotions. It’s a team effort, and we appreciate everything they do to contribute. 

All-in-all we realize this company is almost 2 decades old, and we’ve neglected to brag about how much we love working with all these uber-talented people. So, thank you for sticking with us, supporting us, and supporting your favourite artists!


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