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Mike Egan made a living... by working with the dead.

It's true! As a starving artist, he took a job as an embalmer to pay the bills. His days at the funeral home blended with his nights spent on drawings inpired by prison style and traditional american tattoos and produced art that's surprisingly fresh and unique.

He's now a full time artist showing in galleries around the world. So take heart, young artists, and do what you must to make your craft!


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Tiger Coffin MacBook Pro 2021 Skins GelaSkins Mike Egan

Tiger Coffin MacBook Skin


This Heart Is For You iPhone 13 Pro Tough Case and AirPods 2nd Gen Skin Mike Egan

This Heart Is For You iPhone Case


In The Garden With My Love MacBook Pro Skin

In The Garden With My Love MacBook Skin


The Many Colors of Death iPad Skin

The Many Colors Of Death iPad Skin


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