New Art from Pop-Culture Surrealist, Bob Dob

New Art from Pop-Culture Surrealist, Bob Dob

Journey down the rabbit hole with us into this new collection by Bob Dob. Filled with a new and dark take on some of your favourite childhood characters, his work is fitting considering he literally played in a band called Lunacy.


Bob Dob new GelaSkins collection


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Sweet Day Poolside Bob Dob GelaSkins, MacBook Pro 2021 GelaSkins, M1 Pro MacBook Skin

In Sweet Day Poolside we peek over the fence to so the deeply unsettling saturday afternoon personas of our most beloved cereal mascots. None of us were prepared to see Cap'n Crunch, Tony and the gang quite like this!


Seeing Pink iPhone X Snap Case by Bob Dob

Seeing Pink iPhone Snap Case


McCheese Gets Greased MacBook Skin

McCheese Gets Greased MacBook Skin 


Madness iPhone Snap Case by Bob Dob, Bob Dob new GelaSkins collection, iPhone Cases and Skins, MacBook Skins, Apple accessories

Madness iPhone Snap Case



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