Heidi Taillefer Art Gelas=Skins

New Art from Heidi Taillefer

Québec artist, Heidi Taillefer, has a new collection available on GelaSkins! Witness Biomechanical Bovines, Equine Engines, and Coquetious Cats. In other words, it's Westworld meets Farmville.

Fortunately, her imagination is matched by her talents; the more you look the more you see!


Heidi Taillefer New Collection GelaSkins


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Govinda iPhone 13 Pro Snap Case by Heidi Taillefer

Govinda iPhone Snap Case



Cheshire MacBook Skin by Heidi Taillefer new GelaSkins Collection

Cheshire MacBook Skin


Knee-Jerk Reaction by Heidi Taillefer

Knee-Jerk Reaction iPhone Tough Case and iPad Skin


Heidi Taillefer Detrituss of Devotion MacBook Skin

Detrituss of Devotion MacBook Skin

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