New Art from Gustavo Rimada

New Art from Gustavo Rimada

Bold decisions don't come cheap and yet Gustavo's life is full of them. In the wake of 9/11, he dropped out of animation school and joined the armed forces. It cost him his first love: Art.

Three years later he picked it up again with a renewed focus. You can see his appreciation for the bold in his subjects and in the fields of colour behind them.


Gustavo Rimada GelaSkins

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Mother of the Land Gustavo Rimada GelaSkins

Mother of the Land iPhone Snap Case


Pajaro de Guadalupe iPhone Case and MacBook Skin, GelaSkins Gustavo Rimada

Pajaro de Guadalupe iPhone Tough Case & MacBook Skin


Cafecito Sagrado MacBook Skin

Cafecito Sagrado MacBook Skin


Resiliencia MacBook Skin by Gustavo Rimada

Resiliencia MacBook Skin



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