Artist Interview: Introducing TABLLOYD

Artist Interview: Introducing TABLLOYD

As part of the GelaSkins X Microsoft Collaboration, six Canadian artists were chosen to launch the first exclusive collection of Surface GelaSkins and we can't wait to introduce you to each of them! Find out what makes them tick, how they approached this collaboration and their thoughts on art as a career path. 

INTRODUCING: Lloyd Arbour, aka -- TABLLOYD

Where do you live now / where is your hometown?

Kitchener is where I'm currently located. My hometown is Lindsay ON

Where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration is a funny thing. It comes in waves and it is a process that you can't push. Sometimes I'll have a rush of ideas and other days it is like pulling nails. Travel and new experiences have never failed to get my creativity flowing. Currently, I'm very much inspired by the subconscious and looking at things in our day to day which most people take for granted. At the moment I'm very drawn to reflections, shadows and light.

Tablloyd GelaSkins Microsoft

Your artwork is very digital, has it always been so, or is this a style you’ve developed over time?

Due to the mundane nature of some graphic design jobs I needed a creative outlet for myself so I started designing digital fine art as my creative outlet under the name Tablloyd. I began by working strictly using only vector files. Overtime I self taught myself as a photographer and now I create digital collages which combine graphic design and fine art together.

Did you go to artschool? If so, where? If not, what made you choose your direction as an artist and jump right in?

I attended Georgina College in Barrie for their Advanced Graphic Design Program. Always knowing that technology would continue to play a larger part in my life and career I chose to advance in the Graphic Design field as opposed to working as a traditional fine artist.

gelaskins microsoft

What was the scariest thing you’ve done to date as it relates to your professional art career? Some artists have told us they have completely changed styles only to revert back to a previous style… others have told us they left a comfort zone of sharing in their small town and trying to make the leap to a bigger city, bigger market.

The scariest thing I've done to date relating to my art is quitting my job as an in-house graphic designer and creating a company of my own. Becoming my own boss allows me to have full creative control over what I want to do with my time. This allows me to manage my own jobs and choose opportunities that best suit my needs. In turn i've never been happier or more creative in my life.

Tablloyd GelaSkins Microsoft

What is your favourite medium?

Digital photography is the base to much of my new work. I create using various programs and the final artwork is printed to archival materials and released in limited editions.

GelaSkins Tablloyd Microsoft

For this featured collection you created a piece on the Microsoft Surface, for the Surface. How was this different than your everyday art practice, if at all?

Working on the Surface Studio has really taught me to get back to the roots of what it means to create. By using the pen to draw and sketch reminds me of why I got into creating art in the first place. Being able to pivot down the screen like a drafting table and work directly on the screen makes me more connected to my work then I've ever been.

Tablloyd GelaSkins Microsoft

What’s next for you? Any upcoming shows?

Currently I've been working on a new series of artwork for an upcoming show on May 4th at the Kitchener Public Library. My new series is based around textures of overlaying flowers that have been cropped in unique circular frames. These pieces are hung in a way where they standoff the wall and cast a colourful hue when backlit.

Tablloyd Microsoft Gelaskins
You can SHOP the Tablloyd collection here and learn more about Tablloyd by following him here: 


Tablloyd Microsoft GelaSkins Surface

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