DJs Customize Your Laptop

Upload your photos, logo or artwork to create custom skins and cases. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We carefully print each order to our exacting standards. Typically shipped in one or two business days.

Show yourself

Custom laptop skins are a great way to make sure everyone knows your name! You'll be in the background of almost every photo anyway, make sure they get your contact info too.

Protect your tech

Your devices are crucial to your business. Protect them! GelaSkins help prevent scratches and help maintain the cover of your laptop so when you're due for an upgrade, you get more of your money back.

Just do it

(Nike, leave us be)
Over the years we've helped thousands of DJs just like you shamelessly promote themselves at countless events, including the local legends at Bellosound. Get with the program!

Photos courtesy of Bellosound