The Art of April Rhodes

I'm April. A crafting mom, who often stays up WAY too late trying to stitch up dresses and create other fun bits. I started publishing a few of my own sewing patterns in 2013 and I continue to produce more designs over time. In 2014 I became a licensed fabric designer for Art Gallery Fabrics. My dream is to help others explore their personal creativity and to share the joy of craft..

Through my patterns, I hope to provide simple garments for beginning sewers and/or experienced sewers who want to quickly sew pretty things to wear.

I LOVE to sew clothes, though I greatly enjoy all types of sewing, patchwork/quilting, home decor, embroidery and so on... Sewing brings me a great sense of fulfillment. After finishing a successful piece, I can hold it, feel it, see myself and my talents within it. If I want, I can show others. I can carry it, walk around inside of it or wrap up with it. I feel a grater sense of self worth and accomplishment. I am satisfied. It is these feelings, which I strive to share through my patterns.