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JoeyNG Custom GelaSkins
We see so many types of custom projects around these parts and we love howJoey NG personalized her gear to showcase her brand (iPhone case) and her puppy LOVE (Albert Einstein, Laptop Skin).Joey is a mover and a shaker and we feel honored to travel the world with her on her devices. Get to know her a bit more through our wee Q&A and enjoy a little GelaSkins Custom promo with her code JOEYNG20 (20% off customized GelaSkins products until midnight (est) this Sunday March 26....
Joey NG
Name: Joey Ng
Current local: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation:VP Marketing for Output & Manager of R&B duo, Mulherin
What's a day in the life of Joey look like?: 
Slow jams and emails! I only just started my new gig but before that I’d work from home which I share my place with the musicians, Marshall & Parker Mulherin, that I manage. From the moment I wake up, I make sure I get through every notification on my phone and someone will be singing over the smell of coffee and the crackle of scrambled eggs. From a side table at the couch, I go about my day making deals, booking shows, and listening to new music on my laptop. Every day is a new hustle. 
Joey at work - GelaSkins Customizer
Why is personal branding important to you? 
I grew up pretty frustrated with having a last name that no one could pronounce. (BUT IT HAS NO VOWELS!) Now that I’m a grown up, I’ve learned to own it. I’m proud of my Chinese heritage and embrace the uniqueness of my name. NG in Hong Kong’s film industry is an acronym for “No good, let’s try another take.” so I’m Joey No Good which I think is pretty bad ass. It definitely helps my work in the music industry to put my personal brand on display. I’m constantly meeting new people and having my brand say on my phone case really helps people remember my name and keep me top of mind when it comes to potential projects. 
What's next/what's on deck? 
I started at Output this week as the new VP of Marketing and they have some really awesome launches set this year to help people make music and generally be creative. I’m really excited about being a part of their team. As for Mulherin, they’re ramping up to release their debut EP this Summer. People, get ready for some feel-good cozy R&B. We need more good vibes in the world.
Mulherin Music
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XO GelaSkins XO 
Have YOU customized your life? If so, drop us an email and share your story. Email with the subject line: CUSTOMIZE ME LIFE with images of your products living their true selves, IRL, in the wild. 

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