DROP THE NEEDLE: Introducing DJ Skratch Bastid

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Skratch Bastid

For our 'Customize your Life' series we've opted to keep things simple because attention spans are short and rapid fire questions mean more blog posts for you! Expect short-form reads, pictures and succinct Q&A's. For our first profile we reached out to longtime client and friend, Skratch Bastid, and asked him to keep that Beyonce sample on loop and answer a few quick questions:

Name: Paul Murphy aka Skratch Bastid
Current Locale: Toronto
Occupation: DJ/Producer
What's a day in the life of Bastid look like? 
Look for music & cool sounds; make music & cool sounds; perform music & cool sounds; eat delicious things in between, all whilst traveling the globe.
Why is personal branding important to you?
Personal branding is important to me because DJing is a crowded market. You have to find ways to stand out and for people to remember you if they like what they hear/see. Having my logo on a Gelaskin on my laptop is any easy way for people to recognize who is on stage and rocking the party!
What's next/what's on deck?
Always touring and playing new places - Australia and Eastern Asia are next (check here for all the info). I am working on my own album in the studio as well, first Skratch Bastid album ever! Never a dull moment...
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Skratch Bastid

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