Release The Kraten! New Collection from Aaron Kraten

Release The Kraten! New Collection from Aaron Kraten

Aaron Kraten GelaSkins Collection 2022

We're back with some fresh new work from our favourite dumpster-diving mixed-media artist: Aaron Kraten

Both M3 Drawing and Two Wheel Jogging are straight from Aaron's sketchpad, while Visual Tenacity is a new piece in his colourful, mixed-media style and signature black & white line work.


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M3 Drawing MacBook Air Skin by Aaron Kraten

M3 Drawing MacBook Skin

Visual Tenacity MacBook Pro Skin

Visual Tenacity MacBook Skin


Two Wheel Jogging Sketchbook Aaron Kraten

Two Wheel Jogging from Aaron's sketchpad

Two Wheel Jogging iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

We caught up with Aaron last week and learned a little about his process and a lot about his collection of vintage Bullet Hell arcade games and his thoughts on the using of digital coins for the buying digital burritos. Do your serotonin levels a favour and watch this video!


Watch It Happen MacBook Pro Skin

Watch It Happen MacBook Skin

Aaron is a dedicated, hard-working artist and posts affordable, new pieces for sale on his steadfastly retro website each week.

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