The Fellowship: Being a GelaSkins Ambassador

Recently, we partnered with our friends at Brandbassador to give us a very easy way to reward you for doing what many of you have naturally been doing for years: helping us spread the word about GelaSkins. We haven't always been the absolute monster marketers we are today. Over the past few years (especially during the pandemic) our content was simply non-existent. You all really pulled through for us and helped us see that this has been, and still is, a really cool company that people like. Allow us to return the favour, finally!  

Brandbassador helps us localize all things to one app. You can message us there, have your say on new artists, make coupon codes and tracking links, the works. You get to choose what content you feel like sharing, whether you prefer to text your friends and family coupon codes, or share photos of your laptop skin on Instagram. Then, just come back to the Brandbassador app and claim your reward! 

Rewards vary from points towards rank increases, to free stuff and discounts. But what we're most excited about is being able to offer you early access to new products and throwing Fellowship-exclusive events for you to attend and maybe meet some of your favourite artists!

If you're one of the people who've been starting your emails to us with "Been a fan since '07, I tell all my friends about you!" then you should consider becoming a part of The Fellowship. Seriously, we'd love to See You there! 

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