New Art from Tara McPherson

New Art from Tara McPherson

Accomplished painter, illustrator, and toy-designer Tara McPherson continues to grow and push the limits of her trademark style. Get her new work on all your favourite devices - including the new iPhones and MacBook Pros. 


Stellar Revolution Tara McPherson

Stellar Revolution iPhone Snap Case


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Tara McPherson iPhone Skins

The Fox's Respite, Moon Girl, Interstellar Jelly & In The Absence of Gravity for iPhone Skins and Cases.


Moon Girl, Fox's Respite Tara McPherson GelaSkins

Moon Girl + Gold MacBook 😍. Check out her new MacBook Skins.


Tara McPherson GelaSkins

Interstellar Jelly, Stellar Revolution & Fox's Respite.

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