Artist Interview: Candice Kaye

Artist Interview: Candice Kaye

As part of the GelaSkins X Microsoft Collaboration, six Canadian artists were chosen to launch the first exclusive collection of Surface GelaSkins and we can't wait to introduce you to each of them! Find out what makes them tick, how they approached this collaboration and their thoughts on art as a career path.


Candice Kaye GelaSkins

Photo by @ColinWeidelich

Where do you live now / where is your hometown? I was born and raised in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Where do you find your inspiration? I get my inspiration from many sources, including just plain peace and quiet. Travel is a huge source of inspiration for me. I feel if I stay in one place for too long it's hard to grow as a textile designer. Traveling to new countries or cities has a way of clearing my head and in return I'm filled with new experiences, and new people - always teaching me something different. It keeps things fresh, which I feel is important to translate in my work.

Your artwork is very flora/fauna inspired to me, has it always been so, or is this a style you’ve developed over time? I have a sentimental attachment to the Rose. It was the first flower I taught myself how to paint while studying textile design in New York City. My work was definitely not as realistic as the others in my class. However while teaching myself I adopted my own style and trusted it. I pair flowers that would otherwise not be paired together in a print, while experimenting with unconventional colours, and scale. It organically became my style over time.

Did you go to art school? If so, where? If not, what made you choose your direction as an artist and jump right in? The dream was actually to become a professional dancer. I grew up in the studio. It was and still is a space I feel most myself in. I picked up photography while studying Sociology at Ryerson University and dancing for the Raptors Dance Pak. I started blogging and discovered other tumblr accounts. I fell in love with street style photography, fashion, and New York City. That was seven years ago now. With no true desire to design clothing, I applied to the RCC Institute of Design and Technology for Interior Design. I enjoyed making sample boards more than the actual structure of the interior. The thought of textile design as a career didn't dawn on me until I was in Paris and walked into a fabric warehouse. It was love at first sight. I applied to The Fashion Institute of Technology for textile design in New York City, and the rest is history.

Photo by @briewilliams

What was the scariest thing you’ve done to date as it relates to your professional art career? Some artists have told us they have completely changed styles only to revert back to a previous style… others have told us they left a comfort zone of sharing in their small town and trying to make the leap to a bigger city, bigger market. I think the scariest thing to date was truly trusting in myself as an artist and fully going for it. It has been a very interesting journey to get to where I am today. Doubt definitely will play a factor when no one can see your vision the same way you can. I had to give myself permission to go for it, and jump head first in faith.

What is your favourite medium? Watercolor

For this featured collection you created a piece on the Microsoft Surface, for the Surface. How was this different than your everyday art practice, if at all? When Microsoft introduced me to their Sketchable app I discovered brushes that I've been wanting to learn on Photoshop. The Sketchable app is so incredibly user friendly. I discovered a whole new style that has given me variation to my work. Some of the prints for Microsoft were created completely on Sketchable.

Custom Project for Tropical Hotel St. Barth

You recently traveled halfway around the world to Australia. Given the tropical vibe of so many of your works, did you fly home from that adventure inspired with new themes or ideas? If so, can you share your thoughts with our readers? Yes! Australia was incredible. There is nothing I love more than a 24 hour journey across the world. I stopped in Bali for a week before heading home and fell in love with the laid back surfer vibes. I'm approaching my newest collection, Collection N 25, with a looser hand. This new collection is surprisingly inspired by love. You can expect red roses combined with the tropical rainforests of Bali.

What’s next for you? Any upcoming shows? Candice Kaye Design will be working on a couple new commercial projects that will be opening this summer/fall. There are exciting collaborations coming up as well. Also I'll be experimenting on new interior surfaces such as table wear, fabric, table tops, and tiles in the future!

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